Brennan and Amanda

Name: Brennan and Amanda

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Faith: Christian

Profession: Brennan is a chemical operator at a local acid plant.

Amanda works part time at a pharmacy and babysits two young children. Her dream is to be a stay at home mom.

Family: We have no children of our own. We are currently foster parents to one little blessing. We both come from incredibly supportive families who are more than excited for us to expand our family through adoption.

Pets: We have two dogs who are great with kids. A tea cup Yorkie named Hank and a mix breed named Cow.

Hobbies: We love spending time together and making memories. Brennan loves the outdoors where he enjoys hiking and kayaking. Amanda is more of an indoor type person who enjoys crafting and reality tv.

Adoption Statement: Mommy and Daddy are titles that we have always longed for. We have been married for almost 7 years and have been trying for a family for a little over 3 years. In sickness and in health have really lived out in the beginning of our marriage and now leaving Amanda unable to carry children. Infertility is an incredibly tough journey that has made us stronger as a couple. While we are waiting for our forever baby we are praying. Praying for our birth mom, whom we don’t even know. Praying for her to be brave and to be strong and to know that we will be forever thankful because she will be giving us the best gift there could ever be, a baby.