Support Groups

HEART for Birthparents – is a non-profit that supports women after adoption placement.

HEART intends to provide lifelong counseling to anyone that chooses to place a child for adoption.  HTH intends to support birth families with resources to make a better life for themselves with higher education, counseling, interview training, life skills training, and financial support when necessary.  This includes help with transportation, holiday assistance, clothing for the parents and the children, and bill pay.

Anyone that has placed a child is welcome to attend our monthly support group meetings.

If you are a mom that has placed a child for adoption, we are here to support you. It doesn’t matter whether you used Heart to Home or another agency to place your baby – we care about what happens to you! Call us at 859-489-3055.

Meet with other Moms who are facing the same challenges that you are!
What is the support group like? Non-judgmental • Friendly • Private

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