Names:  Becca & Stephen

Ethnicity:  Caucasian

Professions:  Becca is a teacher (5th grade) and Stephen is a sales manager at Goodyear Tires.

Family:  We have a son named Maxwell (Max) who is almost 2 years old.  He is very full of energy and loves to blow kisses and wave hi to everyone he meets.  He cannot wait to be a big brother and will be a gentle soul like he is with everything he encounters already.  We are extremely close with both sides of our families.  On Stephen’s side of the family he works with his dad daily at the shop and his mom watches our son, Max while we work during the week.  Becca’s side of the family is close as well and we see them at least once a week and normally more than that.  We do a lot with family and that is one of our hobbies is spending time with our family.  Family is the biggest thing in our lives and that is what we want for our next child as well.  Becca’s brother and his family have a daughter who is 17 months old so our children are very close as well.

Pets:  We have a 9 year old mix breed dog named Millie.  We have had her since she was 8 weeks old.  She is a big girl who is very gentle with everyone she meets.  She is amazing with our son and loves to clean up after meal times and just play catch with him.  We have a strong feeling she will love our next child just as much as we will.

Hobbies:  Our hobbies include mostly spending time with family watching any UK sports or just celebrating life together.  We go to church every week and are very involved in that and will raise our children in a Christian home.  Stephen enjoys bowling with his league every week and is very talented at it.  Becca enjoys reading (when she can), cooking, and just being present in the daily life with Max.  We love doing things together with our son like going to The Little Gym every week, or going to the park or library whenever we can.

Adoption Statement:  We admire your decision to consider us for adoption and are honored to be a part of this process.  We will love this child and always be there no matter what we encounter because we are family.  We have always wanted to adopt and had been in the process when Becca found out she was surprisingly pregnant.  We struggled with fertility and while we are blessed to have our son, we know we want another sibling for Max and cannot wait to have our missing puzzle piece.  We feel like we have been called to adopt.  Thank you for considering us!

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