Occupation: Lawyer

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hobbies: Baking and cooking, Hiking, camping, reading, Marathon/Tri-athlete, traveling, spending time with family

Family: Most of my family lives in and around Louisville. My family is filled with all forms of families including traditional families, blended families, foster children, adopted children and single mothers. My parents have a lake house about an hour from my home. Before COVID I saw my family at least twice a week. My family is fun, caring and engaged.  My sister lives in North Carolina, near the beach with her 4-year old son, Calvin. Visiting my sister is a great excuse to get to the beach and enjoy time with my nephew.

Adoption: Having a child has always been a part of my plan and while having a child in my own belly is not possible, adoption has always been in my heart. I will provide a world of opportunities for your child. I will ensure that they grow up in a home that provides safety, security, and love as well as fosters creativity and silliness. I would be honored if you chose me as the adoptive mother to your child.

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