Dwayn and Robb

Names: Dwayn and Robb.

Ethnicity: Dwayn is Caucasian. Robb is Caucasian/Portugese/African/Native American.

Faith: Spiritual.

Profession: Dwayn is the owner of a salon. Robb is a Mental Health Therapist.

Family: Dwayn and Robb currently have no children. They been together for five years, and married in 2016.

Pets: Dwayn and Robb have four small dogs. All are house broken and well behaved.

Hobbies: For enjoyment, Dwayn and Robb love traveling, attending concerts, watching movies and plays, and spending quality time with their friends, family and pets.  Robb also loves writing and art, while Dwayn enjoys cooking and decorating.

Adoption Statement: We will begin by stating that we probably cannot even begin to imagine the emotions you are currently experiencing, and we would like acknowledge your courage in making this difficult decision.

We’re certain that you are looking for the best home and family to entrust with your child, and we are looking to share our love and home with a child.  It is my hope that maybe we are looking for each other…


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