Ethan and Bo

Ethan and Bo

Hello, we are Ethan and Bo. We’ve been married for three years and are excited to start growing our family. Family is incredibly important to both of us, and we’ve always felt the call to be parents. We feel that parenting through adoption enriches the lives of everyone involved.

We live in a great neighborhood full of other families, young and old, with our family just a few houses down. The majority of our support system, related and unrelated, live within an hour’s drive. Our home is a soft place to land at the end of the day. We enjoy gardening, cooking, taking care of our chickens, spending time with our dogs, and daydreaming about the future. Bo works for his family’s business that has been selling sporting goods for almost 50 years. Ethan is a doctor at a nearby hospital and clinic. We both love our jobs but love our life even more.

We’re excited to meet a birthmother that will be a part of our story for the rest of our lives and that would welcome us to be a part of hers. We’re ready to start parenting our child in an environment that will provide them with opportunities to meet their potential and looking forward to loving them unconditionally.


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