Names:  Joe and Kristyn

Ethnicity:  Caucasian

Faith:  Christian

Profession:  Joe is a librarian who works in records management.  Kristyn works as a manager at a medical claims processing company.

Family:  We have no children of our own.  Neither of us have siblings, so we have two sets of hopeful grandparents who are more than ready to spoil any child we adopt.  We have large extended families and we are surrounded by lots of little cousins, so no child of ours would ever want for a playmate.

Pets:  We have two cats and two small dogs.  The kitties are ten-year-old domestic shorthair rescues, and their names are Checkmate and Skittles.  The puppies are three-year-old miniature dachshunds (wiener dogs for the win!) who are the laziest lapdogs you’ll ever meet.  We gave them very silly names, Helga Von Waggles and Gunter Von Waggles of Barkvaria, but we usually just call them Helga and Gunter.

Hobbies:  Joe loves games of all kinds from baseball to board games.  He looks forward to March Madness every year and will sometimes go on the road with his family to support the Kentucky Wildcats.  He is a fantastic home cook and always loves trying new recipes.  Nothing can beat his shrimp and grits on a Sunday morning!

Kristyn is always singing and figuring out melodies on the piano.  As a former theater kid and band geek, she is a big fan of the performing arts.  She also loves HGTV, home improvement, simple crafts, and throwing awesome dinner parties.

Together we love art, history, and nature.  We are avid readers and life-long learners.  We like to travel to new places and learn new things.  A great weekend for us would be to dress up and attend a festival, or spend hours seeing the animals at the zoo or aquarium, then come home and watch a movie on Netflix with a big bowl of popcorn and our pets snoozing in our laps.  We visit parks, museums, and theaters as much as we can.  We love to stargaze on dark, clear nights and marvel at the beauty of nature.  We can’t wait to show this wonderful, complicated, amazing world to our child!

Adoption Statement:  Hello!  We are Joe and Kristyn, and we are so excited that you are looking at our profile!  Adoption has always been close to our heart because Kristyn was adopted.  We know first-hand that adoption is a beautiful and loving choice.  When it became apparent that we could not have children biologically, we knew this was the right path for us.  God truly prepared us to understand what an honor it is to raise a child, and to know how much sacrifice and unconditional love goes into an adoption plan.  If we are lucky enough to be chosen as parents, we hope to give our child a life full of love, support, education, and opportunities.  We have a lot of love to give and we look forward to being the best parents we can be.  Thank you for considering us.  We pray that God guides you in this decision and gives you peace.

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