Karen and Roy

Karen and Roy

Names: Karen and Roy

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Faith: Christian

Profession: Karen worked as a graphic designer. She is now a homemaker who would like to be upgraded to “stay-at-home mom”. Roy is an elementary school art teacher and an adjunct professor for a local university.

Family: We have no children.

Pets: We have a dog named Calvin and three parrots — Cricket, ‘TooBird, and Jazper.

Hobbies/Interests: We have many shared interests. We watch birds and other wildlife, work to create a nature-friendly environment around our home, listen to music, visit new places (zoos, museums, aquariums, cultural centers, parks, and theaters), go for walks and leisurely hikes, watch movies, play games, care for and play with our pets, decorate for the holidays, and visit family and friends.

Roy enjoys creating artwork through glass fusing, drawing, painting, glazing ceramics and Pysanky (a style of Easter eggs traditionally made in Poland and Ukraine). He also likes to carve pumpkins, work in the yard and on our home, ride his bicycle, and help others.

Karen enjoys making clay pottery and sculpture. She also likes to participate in Citizen Science projects, read, learn about new topics, work with potted and outdoor plants, and aid others in learning. She has an interest in aquaculture and kept pufferfish and raised seahorses for several years.

Adoption Statement: We offer unconditional love, stability, a home of creativity and humor, and Christian-based values. We have been married for 23 years and would love the opportunity to add a daughter or son to our family.
It is difficult to explain how we have love for someone we have yet to meet. The hope and desire to share our lives with a child, and to see the world through that child’s eyes, encouraged us as we explored ways to grow our family. It has been a difficult journey but we are very excited about the opportunity to adopt. During this time we realize you are trying to make an extremely difficult decision. Even though we have not met, you are in our thoughts and prayers. There is nothing we can say to lessen your pain or make this decision easier. What we can do is promise to love and care for your child as if he/she was our biological child. We would encourage a love of learning and a good education so that his/her full potential is met; instill confidence, compassion, and faith; and provide the background for a long, happy, healthy life filled with loved-ones.
We can’t wait to introduce a new family member to our family and friends. Roy’s colleagues at the elementary school are eager to welcome a bundle of joy — providing many, many Aunties (a few of whom are adoptive parents as well).
Thank you for considering us.
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