Names: Kelsey and Justin

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Faith: Christian

Professions: Justin is in retail management, and he seeks to build a stable environment for his family. Kelsey is an elementary school teacher, and is dedicated to being a loving and supportive role model to her munchkins (students).

Family: We are blessed to have our son who is adopted! After our son’s adoption, our heart wanted to continue to grow our family which is leading us on this path for a second adoption. Our fertility struggles started a few months after we got married. After multiple attempts with fertility treatments, God began to lay on our hearts to adopt, which brought us to our amazing son. We wish to grow our family with another adoption and are so happy to welcome home another precious baby!!

Pets: We have a dog named Hemi and two cats name Boone and CB. They are fun additions to the family!

Hobbies: We have shared a bunch of memories and fun times together as a family of three. Every year we take a family vacation to the beach. We take back road trips to Pigeon Forge twice a year as well. We are always adventuring with family and friends to the zoo, pool, lake, or movies. Summers are for trekking to the library, wacky water balloon fights, rainy day fort building, frog chasing, and starry nights full of lightning bug watching.

Adoption Statement:

What would you dream for your child? Do you picture noisy backyard soccer games while lightning bugs welcome the cool evening by the glow of a family fire? Do you imagine chocolaty finger hugs and marshmallow kisses as the family talks on the back porch? This is our dream for our future family. If you have similar dreams for your child, we would love to share in these dreams together.

“Adoption is not a choice made lightly or impulsively, and it is certainly not made because of a lack of love. Adoption *is* love.” –

We admire your strength and courage and we can’t imagine how hard of a decision this must be for you. What a brave woman you are!  Your love for your child shines through with making such an unselfish decision. You are giving your child a chance at life that most wouldn’t have the courage to give. With this difficult decision you are also giving a new family the opportunity to realize their dream (our dream) of continuing our family and allowing our little one to be a big brother.

We want you to know that if it is your will to allow us to adopt your baby, that this baby will be loved so greatly and deeply! Know that we have prayed for you and your baby before ever even meeting you because we want you to be surrounded by peace and love. Know that a little boy will be over the moon to have a baby brother or sister to grow up with. Know that Justin and I will care for, love, kiss boo boos, tickle bellies, comfort, adore, and spoil this baby! Know that we will always love you and this baby.

We understand that you will have some difficult choices ahead of you and we hope that you have a sense of peace no matter what decision you make. We are so thankful you have taken some time to get to know us. We hope that you have seen our hearts, not just our words.

~Our hopes and prayers are with you~Justin & Kelsey

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