Kyle and Ally

Kyle and Ally

Names: Kyle and Ally

Professions: Kyle is a nuclear medicine technician, or a humble picture taker as he explains it, at a local hospital for 10 years and Ally is an elementary school teacher. She has been teaching for 7 years and is currently teaching 1st grade.

Faith: Christian

Family: We are very close with both of our families. The majority of Ally’s family lives in town and we see them fairly often. Summers are full of cookouts, game nights, and days by the pool with them! We love visiting Kyle’s family out of state and always have fun when we go to visit them throughout the year. Trips with them typically include lots of board games, playing at the park, and movie nights!

Hobbies & Interests: Kyle and Ally both enjoy being active outside. Some of our favorite outdoor activities are running, hiking, and kayaking/canoeing. We try to travel to a new place every year. Traveling is something we like to have fun with and always try something new while visiting new places! We also enjoy going out and trying new restaurants in our town and surrounding cities. Supporting local businesses and experiencing new places is something we really enjoy doing with each other and friends.

Adoption Statement: We have personally seen the joy adoption has brought to our family and friends and look forward to being part of the adoption community. We are so excited to begin this journey with you! You are an important part of making our family whole and we want to support you as we work together to make an adoption plan. Without you and the love you have for your child, our family wouldn’t be complete. For this, we are forever grateful for you!










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