Name: Lance and Ashley

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Profession: Lance is a supervisor at a large manufacturing company.  Ashley is an itinerant educator for the deaf and hard of hearing for a school district (preschool-12th grade).

Faith: Christian

Family: We have one son, Cason, through the gift of adoption.  Cason is four years old and full of energy and personality.  He is very ready and excited to have a baby brother or sister.  Both of our families are incredibly supportive and excited to welcome a new child into the family.

Hobbies: We love to go camping and spend time outdoors.  Last spring/summer, we started a garden in our backyard.  We planted jalapeños, peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes (they did REALLY well), and some herbs.  We also love to go see movies.  Lance plays the drums in a southern rock/country band.  Ashley spends a lot of her time improving her sign language skills (ASL).

Adoption Statement:  At the very beginning of our journey to become a family, we tried fertility treatments.  All failed.  We put our trust in God, and He led us to adoption.  We have always believed that God will go to great lengths to get your attention.  This is His plan for us, and the adoption of our first child was such a blessed adventure.  We learned so much about ourselves and had the opportunity to meet a beautiful person (on the inside and out) who entrusted us with her child.  We are ready for our family to grow again.  We will love our child with everything we have, unconditionally.  We will kiss the “boo-boo’s” and help ease the pain of the first heartbreak.  Our child will have quality parents who will love, teach, understand, defend, and encourage.

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