Michael and Crase

Michael and Crase

Names: Michael and Crase
Occupation: Michael is a Visual Keyholder and Crase is an Assistant Manager. We both work in Retail.
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hobbies: Pre Covid…. We enjoy Bowling, Shopping, Hiking, Going to the movies, taking the dogs for walks, playing video games. We also
enjoy traveling and family gatherings.

Family: Michael’s family lives in the same town as they do. Crase’s family lives within 15 minutes of our home. So they are all very close by to help with anything we need. And before Covid, we saw all of them at least twice a week.

Adoption: Like all things in our life, we take our time making big decisions. Weighing whether we’re in a place to make that decision or not. After years of preparing we’ve been met with the moment in our lives where we believe we can make a beautiful home for a child. Children have always been a part of our shared vision for our future, but obviously, it’s not something we can accomplish on our own. We both had great childhoods, and think we’d make great parents. We also feel that we would provide a child with plenty of security and fun, and of course, love. We promise to honor you and the life entrusted to us.


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