Otto and Kayla

Names: Otto and Kayla

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Faith: Christian, we attend a local church where Otto is an active Deacon and Kayla occasional translates the worship songs in sign language. Our pastor, along with the rest of the Church, strongly support us and our dream to adopt a child.

Profession: Otto is a warehouse supervisor for a Christian organization. He has been there for over 7 years. Kayla is a dance teacher for a Christian dance studio. She also has a small crafting business that she operates from home.

Family: It is currently just the two of us. We just recently lost a child back in August due to health issues. Otto has three sisters, Kayla has one brother, and we have both sets of parents. We are close to both sides, in relation and proximity.

Hobbies: We love curling up on the couch with a warm blanket and hot coco to watch a movie together on cold rainy days. We also love to vacation together. We have gone to see the massive Red Wood Forest in California and met Mickey Mouse in Disney World down in Florida. We have imagined having a child or two to share in our adventures.

Otto always seems to have a vivid imagination when he is playing Role Playing Games with his friends. In the garage he sometimes has an itch to make something out of wood. Sometimes it will turn into something useful other times it may just end up being a messy pile of saw dust.

Kayla loves to dance. The graceful turns and elegant leaps she finds a treasure of smiles, her own as well as on the faces of all her young students. At home Kayla enjoys to repaint dolls that have been neglected and worn. Giving them a new purpose and beauty is the reward in and of itself.

Adoption Statement: We ask you to consider giving us the opportunity to join you on this journey of adoption. You are a courageous women to have come this far and we want to help you by giving your child a home that is filled with love and laughter. We know you love your child. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be looking through these profiles today. We commend your selflessness and bravery. By taking these steps toward adoption you are showing how much you care. We are praying for you and your child and that God will bring us together. Thank you for your time.

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