Tim and Nicki

Tim and Nicki

Names:  Tim and Nicki

Ethnicity:  Caucasian

Faith:  Christian

Profession:  Tim is the assistant chief for our local fire department.   Being a career fireman has been a lifetime dream.   Tim takes great pride and honor in protecting the families and community he serves.    Nicki is an elementary school teacher.  Serving children has always been her passion and ensuring all children receive an education in a loving, safe environment is her mission.

Family:  We have one living son, although we have been blessed with 2 children.   Our first son Isaiah was born with a genetic disorder.   Nicki had the privilege to stay home with him and care for him for his 5 years.   We lost Isaiah when Nicki was 12 weeks pregnant with our only living son, Landon.   Landon is 8 years old.   He is a very active young man who dreams of becoming a big brother.

Hobbies/Interest:   Our family is a very active family who loves to spend time making memories.   We have a 300 acre cattle farm.   While cattle earn income for the farm we have many hobby animals including chickens, goats, donkeys and horses.    With our farm brings lots of hard work but hundreds of acres to also explore.   We love to hike the creek banks, camp and play with the animals.   Our extended family and friends visit often to enjoy in the adventures.

Tim enjoys serving his community as a career firefighter and also volunteering when needed.   Farming is a passion for him as well.   He is a wonderful Daddy who you often see throwing baseball with Landon or shooting hoops in the drive.

Nicki enjoys time on the farm with her “zoo” and finding the next adventure for her family!!   She loves to bake, decorate for holidays, sew, take vacations but most of all spend time with her house full of children.

Landon is an active little guy!!  He loves sports with baseball being his favorite.    On the farm he loves his animals and working with them.    Landon has a servants heart which is apparent when meeting him.   He is a kind gentle hearted kiddo!


Adoption Statement:


Our story began in a little BP station as 16 and 19 year old with the world ahead of them.

Today our story continues with the same two kids who have grown in life together.   The pieces of our story have fit perfectly within this puzzle of life but we have found a hole.   The empty spot is that of another child to fill the hole in our puzzle.    We truly feel adoption is the most genuine act of love from the birth mother.  As a young child, Nicki saw the impact of adoption first hand, as she was adopted by her Daddy at the age of 5. Before marrying, this couple knew that adoption was an avenue they would love to travel together, if God ever put in their path. After losing their first son to a genetic disorder and giving birth to their second, they took hard news that having another child was not a possibility.  It was then we decided adoption was the journey to turn their family of 3 to a family of 4.


Thank you for considering us in your journey!!!

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