Families Waiting Patiently To Adopt

Check out some wonderful families currently waiting to adopt. Be sure to check out the information provided for each family. 
If you want to see more information  – contact the agency and you can look at a longer profile.

Melanie and Kendyll

Names: Melanie and Kendyll Ethnicity: Caucasian Faith: Christian Profession: We own and manage a tire and auto business with family. Family: We have been together for 15

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Kelsey and Justin

Names: Kelsey and Justin Ethnicity: Caucasian Faith: Christian Professions: Justin is in retail management, and he seeks to build a stable environment for his family. Kelsey is

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Joe and Kristyn

Names:  Joe and Kristyn Ethnicity:  Caucasian Faith:  Christian Profession:  Joe is a librarian who works in records management.  Kristyn works as a manager at a medical claims

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Tim and Nicki

Names:  Tim and Nicki Ethnicity:  Caucasian Faith:  Christian Profession:  Tim is the assistant chief for our local fire department.   Being a career fireman has been a lifetime

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Mark and Ben

Names: Mark and Ben Ethnicity: Caucasian Faith: Christian/Spiritual Profession: Mark is a marketing director for a senior living, home health, and hospice company. Ben is a nurse, acting as the clinical

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Mackenzie and Blake

Names:Mackenzie and Blake Ethnicity: Caucasian Faith: Christian Profession: Blake is a clerk at a chemical plant and Kenzie is the marketing director at a law firm. Family:

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Justin and Jennifer

Names: Justin and Jennifer Ethnicity: Caucasian Profession: Jennifer is a preschool teacher’s assistant and Justin is a youth pastor and drives a school bus. Faith: Christian Family:  We have been married

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Colt & Adrienne

Names: Colt & Adrienne Ethnicity: Caucasian Faith: Christian Dear Birthmother: We are so very grateful for you! We know the decision you are facing is incredibly difficult. We admire and respect

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Whitney and Stephen

Names: Stephen and Whitney  Ethnicity: Caucasian  Faith: Christian  Profession: Stephen is a banker who works in cash management and business banking. Whitney is a teacher that is currently teaching 1st grade.

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Becca and Stephen

Names:  Becca & Stephen Ethnicity:  Caucasian Professions:  Becca is a teacher (5th grade) and Stephen is a sales manager at Goodyear Tires. Family:  We have a son named

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Ann and Becky Cunningham

Name: Ann and Becky Ethnicity: Caucasian Profession: Ann is a middle school special education teacher of 18 years.  Becky is a Quality Assurance Technician for a food production company. Faith: Christian

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Josh and Stephanie

Names: Josh and Stephanie Ethnicity: Caucasian Profession: Stephanie is an elementary school teacher. Josh is a cable splicer at Duke Energy. Faith: Christian Family: We have a daughter named Kenzley who is

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Jason and Alissa

Name: Jason and Alissa Ethnicity: Caucasian Profession: Jason is Sales Coordinator for a manufacturing plant. Alissa works part time at a bank, but spends most of her time being home

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Dana and Ryan

Names: Dana and Ryan Ethnicity: Caucasian Faith: Christian Professions: Dana is a middle school science teacher and just recently completed her degree to become a school guidance counselor. Ryan is a

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Karen and Roy

Names: Karen and Roy Ethnicity: Caucasian Faith: Christian Profession: Karen worked as a graphic designer. She is now a homemaker who would like to be upgraded to

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If you have an emergency or you are someone considering placing a child for adoption
call or text : 859-552-2472

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